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How we made

#1 Parota Training Centre
"Where the idea came from"

Mr. Mohammed Kasim, the founder of Selfie Parotta Coaching Centre, had worked in different fields of selling products for different businesses. He was a merchant, vendor for different items.
When we look for something or do the usual things, nature always gives us something new to do. Like, One fine day, Kasim went to his favorite small shop for supper and he requested his popular dish, Parotta. However, the waiter refused to take his order and asked to have fast food, because the concerned chef was unavailable that day.
However he disapproved of that, he had the food and was contemplating the unsatisfied food with the cash spent. His room was full of thoughts all night, and the next morning he started making breakfast for Parotta himself.
Even though he was no longer hungry or eager, his desire was still unfulfilled. However, when he wanted to eat Parotta again, he made it himself. In addition, due to unemployment concerns, he frequently encountered well-educated people who were willing to work for a minimal wage in his line of work. So, Kasim decided to meet the demands of Parotta masters in various hotels in Madurai by  providing adequate training to interested youths . Young people were revolutionized by this concept.

Mr. Mohammed Kasim,

Founder Selfie catering

How it became successful

"We put our efforts in with 100% hope and believe in our concept"

In order to gather feedback, Kasim began circulating this concept among his family, friends, and coworkers. Everyone told that making parottas is common knowledge and raised the question of how students come forward to learn such skills. The same is taught at catering schools as well. Kasim began to consider this issue and looked at the market conditions. He started putting the idea into action in 2018 at Koodal Nagar in Madurai with just Rs.10,000 after conducting extensive research. Only four students enrolled in the classes when he started. The Selfie Parotta Coaching center now has 400 students, and all of our alumni are working for good pay in a number of Multi star hotels.

Our Vision

To be a destination for aspiring culinary professionals, attracting top talent and nurturing a culture of learning, growth, and collaboration.

Our Mission

To cultivate a passion for food and a commitment to excellence in our students through hands-on learning and industry-standard training.